Sunday, September 10, 2006

Why we Blog

As I asked you in class "How many of you blog?" Most of you put up your hands because of your experience with Mr. Reece last year. Many of you also indicated that it was not you favorite activity during math class. I hope to change that this year. It is important to know that times are changing. The world you know now will be different by the time you enter highschool, and that world will change by the time you are ready to enter Highschool.

K. Fisch a teacher in Colorado created this powerpoint presentation for his students. It demonstrates how the world is changing. It is a remarkable presentation.

Did You Know

In your journals or as a comment I would like you to tell me what you are feeling after this presentation. Mr. Kuropatwa from Danial Mac asked his grade 11 and 12 students these questions:

  • What surprised you the most? Why was it surprising?

  • Did you learn anything? If so, what?

  • As you think about it now, does this change the way you think about school, learning or the purpose of getting an education? Is there anything you want to do differently related to school this year?

  • What Shift is happening?
How would you answer them?

Mr. Harbeck


Anonymous said...

Mr.H the link to the video thing won't work so ill try to write down wat i can remember from what we saw in class. Im not sure if we have to answere those questions or not so ill just use my own words. This video makes u realize that in the future its not goin to be the same. When i think about the future i think about it as the same as it is now only with a few changes but theres actually goin to be an enormous amount of change in the future.And that about all i think of that presentation.I will probably put up another comment later about this.


Anonymous said...

The part of the video that surprised me the most was when it talked about the large amount of children that could be born during the presentation in the countries China and India. It made me surprised because now I know that the world changes rapidly. I learned that in China, many of the children have a high IQ. When I think about it, many of the children here in North America don't care about getting an education. Getting an education is very important to all of us because without it we wouldn't be able to get a decent job in the future.

Michelle 8-16

Anonymous said...

The video wasn't really interesting until it got to the part about China and the other countries. What really hit me was when they said that in 2030 something, there might be a computer that can obtain a larger amount of learing copassity then the human race put together. This made me think, if a computer can be designed to be that smart in thr future, what will happen to the human race? Will the computers take over and us humans not do anymore manual labor? Will everyone on earth not need to work anymore? But i'm getting ahead of myself. This was an interesting video and it was worth the watch.


Anonymous said...

the video was not all that interesting until the part about the countries and the computers. its hard to believe that there are so much more people in other countries than in north america because you don't usually think about. i learned about that china has a high iq. it changes the way i think about learning because of all the things that are not known by us kids that we should be taught. if the computers get the brain power of a human, what will we do in the future? will computers take over? will we need jobs? any way the video was interesting and it was really worth watching.


Candy said...

The part that surprised me the most was about all the info that the guy put up. It was surprising the most about how every thing works and how things are going on in the world. I learned that there is alot of stuff going on in the world. Yes this does make me think about changing my schooling, learning and education. Hopefully to improve my grade point. The shift that is happening is I think that computers are taking over almost everything, and making people forget that there is still pens, pencils and paper for using.