Sunday, March 11, 2007

Bruno's Super Scribe Post

Improper Fractions
Today for my super scribe post i am doing Improper fractions and it a really easy to understand and i think you can now this in seconds.

The definition of an improper fraction is :A fraction with a numerator that is greater than the denominator

For example 15\3. As you see the numerator is higher then the denominator which denominator is the bottom number and numerator is the top. Now you can convert improper fractions to mixed fraction. A mixed fraction is a number written as a whole number and a fraction.

For example 5 over5\9 well 5 would be the whole and the 5\9 would jsut be the fraction.

Now i am going to give you a question about improper fractions that we mosly learned about

so the question is 25\5 covert that to a mixed number awnsers on the bottom

Awnsers : well 5 goes in 25 5 times so The whole is 5 and the rest remaining is 0 ill show u a picture to understand a little bit more but if u got this right your all ready to have a test with improper fractions.

there eacth divide in 5 lines so I hope u under stood and i hope i made no mistakes till now Every one have a super day !!!!!

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