Thursday, October 19, 2006

II. Find each probability if you choose one card at random.
7. P(striped)
Fraction: 3/8
Percentage: 37.5%
Percentage: 50%
Fraction: 1/8
Percentage: 12.5
10.P(white or shaded)
Percentage: 62.5
11.P(striped or white or shaded)
Fraction: 7/8
Percentage: 87.5
12.P(striped or shaded)
Fraction: 4/8=1/2
Percentage: 50%
13.P(not striped)
Fraction: 5/8
Percentage: 62.5%
14.P(not white)
Fraction: 4/8=1/2
Percentage: 50%
15.P(striped or white or shaded)
Fraction: 8/8=1
Percentage: 100%
My Question
I was playing a game of tag with 4 of my friends Bob,Bruce,Billy, and Joe. We couldn't decide who would be it so we all would yell "not it" on the coun't of three, and whoever is the last person to yell it would have to be it. What is the probability that Bruce would be it?
P Bruce
TPO All of the friends =1/5
Percentage: 1/5=0.2 x 100= 20%


Mr. H said...

Great Job Keep it up. Part 2 is on the way.

Mr. H

Great use of colour.

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