Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Levinia's Uno Board game!!!


Rules: In order to play this game there should be 3 players. Play the game clockwise. In the board game, there are 50 squares for you to reach the finishing point. Although there will be some black squares which means you will have to stop and let the other person go.

-Out of 23 UNO cards with 6 greens, 3 blues, 4 yellows, 5 reds, 2 blacks (a.k.a the wild card) 2 reverses and 1 skip card.

-You must pick a card out of 20 Uno cards.

-A green card costs you to go 5 steps ahead.

-A blue card costs 8 steps.

-A yellow card cost 7 steps.

-The red card costs 6 steps.

- Finally if you pick the black card you will
go back once only.

Reverse means you will now play counter clockwise which means you will have to skip and will not help because they might get ahead of you. In other hand, if you pick up the skip card. This means that you will play twice.

-This game is FAIR and FUN because the less cards there are in each color the more steps you make. The more cards there are in a colour the less steps you can get.

- There is only 2 black cards that might cost you to lose. This will be fun because it will get exciting at the end because there are more traps or black squares to reach.

Are You ready?

***Note: This can be played with a spinner. You can play it by spinning the spinner then whatever
colour it stops at, you will have to play them by the rules above with the colours red, green, blue and yellow (not w/ the black, reverse or skip cards.) So there will only be 18 cards and 4 different colours.


Questions: What is the probability of picking the green card?

ANSWER: P(green card)= P.O. / T.P.O

.... P.O
P ____ =
... T.P.O

= 0.26 x 100 = 26%


So the probability of getting a green card is 26%


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don't worry about the cards...

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Looks like a great game Levinia!

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great post

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