Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bruno's Scibe Post

Today in class what we did is we did the advertisement (cellphones stuff) and we upload them into Mr.H laptop also we had people that did not finish from last class to finish them today and upload them.After every one was down Mr.H called one group at a time while the other where doing the blue book .So guys there is homework for math the homework for math is page 35-36on the blue book.on page 35 it says determine the percent of area each section is of the whole region.On page 36 it's a number line and it says tell what percent the top line is of the bottom line.So ill give u the answer for number one the top number is 15 and the bottom is 30 15/30=50%
Hope you liked my scribe post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH I ALMOST FORGOT THE NEXT SCRIBE WILL BE MELDEE didnt know who to choose

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