Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Today in class we went over the first page of the blue book that was given out yesterday. First was how to shade in 1/2 of a square of 16 and 1/3 of a rectangle of 27.

1/2 of 16--8

1/3 of 9--9

A. 1/2=8/16

It does not matter which way you fill in the shape, just as long as there is a certain amount filled in to represent your fraction.
The flags were a bit more difficult but there is a technique to solving them:
!--Pictures coming soon--!
Just divide the rectangle into sections or try to fit together the filled-in shapes to determine how much of the flag is shaded.
blue book--second page:
Tell what fraction the top line is of the bottom line
Numerator over Denominator--Part over whole--first # over second #

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