Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nick's Growing post

Question 1 What is a good definition of percent? You should use words symbols, pictures and numerical examples in your definition. (suggestion gliffy is an excellent tool for adding detail to your definition.)[ answer: A percent that you get out of a whole is by dividing 100 Here is an example if you got 28 out of a 45 to find your percent so 28x100=2800divide by 45 = 62.222 reapet

Question 2 How are three fifths (3/5), 3:2, 60% and 0.6 all the same? Use pictures and words to show your answer. All of them equal the same value

Question 3 Show 3 different ways to find 35% of 80. (bubbleshare is an excellent tool to animate the many different ways of finding these answer). 35 divede by 100=0.35 0.35x80=28 14/40x100= 28/80=0.35x100=

Question 4Find a link to blogs that deal with percentages. Leave a comment behind and add the link with a review (What the post was talking about....yes you have to read the post and why others should read the post) Hint In the side bar there are links to other schools. Three of them have done work on percentages ) http://linden8m.blogspot.com/2006/12/more-on-decimals-percents-and-fractions.html

Question 5The principal announced that 50% of the children in Ms. Stanzi's class met their reading goal for the month and that 55% of the children in Ms Lowrey's class met their reading goal for the month. Ms Stanzi said that a greater number of her students met their reading goal. Could Ms Stanzi be correct? Why or Why not. For an example Ms. Stanzi's has 25 kids in her class 25/100=0.25x50=12.5
Ms Lowrey's has 27 kids in her class 27/100=0.27x55=14.85 there are more kids in ms lowrey’s class than in Ms. Stanzi's

Question 6Use a hundred grid (unit square) to illustrate the following questions. Once you have explained and illustrated what the question means solve it.

a) 16 is 40% of what number? 16/40=0.4x100=40

b) What is 120% of 30? 30/120=0.25x100=25


Mack* said...

You did a nice job with the colors but you should have used more pictures to make it easier to understand

michelle 8-16 said...

Comments:the questions are copied in, but they should be in a different color as the rest of the post.

Question 1
Comments:you atempted to answer the question, but should have put more detail.

Question 2
Comments:You only said that they equal the same value. To improve it, you can add images using gliffy or bubbleshare to show that they are equivalent to each other.

Question 3
Comments:you showed 2 ways of finding 35% 0f 80, but I only understood 1 of them. To improve this post you can add more detail and images using gliffy or bubbleshare.

Question 4
Comments:I like that you had a link, but you should have made a comment to that post and a reveiw of what that post is about.

Question 5
Comments:you answered the question correctly but you should have explained why or why not. To improve this question, you can add images.

Question 6
Comments:you answered the first part of the question correctly. you got the second part wrong because you put 30 out of 120 instead of 120 out of 100 since it's a %.

Overall Mark

Overall Comment for the Growing Post:Good job for trying your best! you can improve this post by adding detail, more color and images using gliffy and bubbleshare.