Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bruno's BOB

This unit i thought was really confusing in the beginning but when Mr.H kept teaching us this unit it kinda was clear for me but i still have got the answers wrong but i hope the test will be easy questions so i can get the questions right what i thought was easy for this unit was the setup for getting the answers like the charts and x,k,y and stuff what i thought was hard in this proportion was getting answers but this is sometimes but i hope i do good on that test i was away for two days so i hope that test is easy and its answers i can solve them and this unit for me was fair what i mean is i kinda didn't like it but its wasn't so bad so in the middle for me and i hope this is a good bob oh by the way out of all the units i thought this one was the hardest so i hope this no more like this cause i have to think and people your right it just counting but it not just that its counting and thinking that what i think well laters everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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