Wednesday, February 07, 2007

rooster's bob

In the beginning of this unit, i was surprised because it was kinda easy. Especially the work in the blue booklet. Near the end of this unit, i started to get problems. But Mr. H showed us how to use the XKY charts and the ratio tables, this really helped me with the problems in the unit. The housing booklet was kinda hard, but Mr. h helped us in class. There were some pretty easy questions though, like in the quiz. We had to reduce the original size of the house to half. This was really easy, the answer practicly just came to me. I didn't really have a chance to know what to do in the Proportion Reasoning thingy cause i wasn't here. But i copied Danny's .. BUT, Ms. Marshell said i could. Overall, this unit taught me a lot, like how to use the XKY charts and the ratio tables.

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