Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Marjo's bob.

In this unit Mr. Harbeck gave us a blue booklet, which had different problems to solve on every single page. Although some of the pages were easy like the number lines. For me the most difficult lesson in the booklet was the end word problems. I had problems in this part because i didn't know how to use the XKY chart. The XKY chart is a formula used to a second way to figure out problems. When you couldn't use the XKY chart we used the ratio table. Which was abit easier for me. And during this unit we've had tests and quizzes. Ive had problems with them all. But i did learn somethings from them. And remember not to over think the test tomorrow. Okay, well thats my BOB. buhbyeee. GOODLUCK ON THE TEST TO ALL THE STUDENTS!

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