Tuesday, February 06, 2007

julie's bob

I didn't really get the beginning of this unit. I know all you have to do is count but then it was kinda hard for me because sometimes the questions are confusing. It got easier for me when Mr. Harbeck told us about the xky chart and the ratio tables and how it's gonna help us solve the questions/problems. It really helped me alot. It's really easy to understand using those different ways to show your answer. The hardest part of this unit was the proportional reasoning and that part on the quiz where you have to change the size of the house. Mr. Harbeck told us not to overthink it or else we'll fail so dont overthink on your test tomorrow. I really like the word problems, I find it easy and its a good exercise to do. So anyways thats my BOB. Good Luck to everyone tomorrow! and DONT OVER THINK! =P

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