Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Dan's Scribe Post for Feb 6/07

Today we did a review for the test tomorrow. It consisted of 21 questions that, in my opininion, were easy. I'll show you how to do a few now

6. A store makes a profit of $15,000 for every 300 coats that they sell. If they make a profit of
$25,000, how many coats did they sell

7. David read 40 pages of a book in 50 minutes. How many pages should he be able to read in 80

8. Audio Jeannie takes inventory of her closet and discovers that she has 8 shirts for every 5 pair ofjeans. If she has 40 shirts, how many pairs of jeans does she have?

9. Jim found out that after working for 9 months he had earned 6 days of vacation time. How manydays will he have earned after working for two years?

17. If 3 apples cost 29¢, how much do 45 apples cost?

We also had to hand in our blue books and the house proprtions booklet.

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