Thursday, November 30, 2006

Danny's scribe

I'm sorry that this is coming a little late. My dad had to install something last night

Anyway, all we did in lass was a test.

To me it was rather easy. To pass it you'd just need to be in class.

There were only three questions on this test.

The first was to make a chart.

You would have to make an eqquivalent for each into Ratio,decimal,percent, and fraction
It would look sort of like this

0.29 95.34% 5:6 3/4
0.29 0.9534 0.4545 0.75
29/100 95.34/100 45.45/100 75/100
29% 95.34% 45.45% 75%
29:71 95.34:4.66 5:6 3:1

You also had to put this on a number line.
The next question was for you to find the average of five numbers without using you calculator.It has to equal ten.
To do this you should add them all up, then divide by five. 6+6+8+14+14=48/5=9.?
That's all you need to know for sure. That it;s less than ten

The last question you had to do was about ratios. You had 7 oranges out of 12 pieces of fruit.
Find six equivalent ratios. You had to put them in word form and numerical form.

Oh ya we also did a science test.

The next scribe is BRETT


Mr. H said...

Thanks for the scribe Danny. It is hard to be a scribe on test day. You did a great job. Way to go.

Mark I said...

Great job Danny on your scribe!

Dan the Man said...

Sorry about the chart.It's kinda hard to follow.

Dan the Man said...

If you couldn't follow the chart, here it is.

0.29 95.34% 5:6 3/4
0.29 0.9534 0.4545 0.75
29/100 95/100 45/100 75/100
29:71 95:5 5:6 3:1

Mr. Hanly said...

What do you mean there was only 3 questions on the test. I think Mr. H is getting a little soft. I will have to make up for it when I come back in February. JK!!

Good scribe Danny.

Mr. Hanly

Matthew said...

Good Job Danny on your Scribe! keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's Mr.Handly he's coming back to hant us