Thursday, November 16, 2006

Scribe Post For Nov.15

Yesterday, we handed in the Square Root unit. We also started a new unit called equivalents.

To start off the unit, we were handed a bag of cards. Each bag of cards had cards of percents, fractions, decimals and picture fractions. You had to put each card in a row that was similar and a column that was similar.

When you when do, a teacher came and saw what you had done. When you had it correct, you put what you what you did on a piece of paper that was handed out at the beginning of the activity.

On that piece of paper, you put what you did on the table on to the paper.On the paper, there was one extra column and an extra row. The extra column and row were where you justify you reasoning for putting what you put in that column or row.

Sorry for the wait.

The next scribe is.........

P.S. The homework was to find the ratio of the justify column on your paper!


Mr. H said...

This post had a good use of colour. You are missing an illustration or link to a site that would help us understand what was taught. Try to edit this scribe. Nice job.

Mr. Harbeck

oranges said...

great use of colour! i liked how every paragraph was a different colour, that makes it stand out =)