Tuesday, November 28, 2006


In the beginning of class Mr. H told us to take 'Equivalent Assignment 3' out. But we didnt do it. So he showed us what to do, and let us work on it for a half hour. Then he showed us the answers. When he was done he showed us the pretest, which is already posted up.


On every timeline, make sure you have the two ends lines and a middle line. Ex

Whenever you put data on your timeline use a different colour then the same colour as the timeline is. Ex.


•Ratio: For ratios you can convert into fractions or decimals. Just make sure you leave the 'Raw Data' on the timeline. ( I used decimals >>>>)

Ex. : 1+7=8 18 = 0.125 x 100 = 12.5

I M P O R T A N T *
  1. make sure you know how to convert for tomorrow
  2. tomorrows test your allowed to use your calculator and big piece of paper.

the next scribe will be Danny C.


anna said...

nice scribe maarjo ! i like your pictures , its soo easy to read ! good work ! :)

Mr. H said...

I too like your use of pictures. For a class that was reviewing information for the test you have done a great job.

Thanks for taking the time.


Mark I said...

good scribe Marjol!