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Julie's Scribe Post // Day 2 // Square roots and Perfect Squares


The first thing that we did in class today was discuss the homework from yesterday. We compared our answers with other people.

People went up and did the answers on the overhead. They used pictures and words to describe it.

Here are the answers :
1.) 6

2.) 8

3.) 9

4.) 10

After that, we learned a new thing about perfect square and squares.
there was a container in front of us and inside there were a total of 20 tiles inside.
We had to answer this question by using the tiles in the container.
**question** Make the biggest square you could possibly make by using a maximum of 6 tiles.

is it a square? is it possible?

first you have to make a perfect square using the tiles.
the instruction says that you have to make the biggest square you could possibly make by using 6 tiles. we just made a perfect square and now we have two leftovers.

the two leftovers are broken down to pieces and its put on two sides of the perfect square.

** It doesnt go all the way around**

You add the shattered peices of the two leftover tiles to the perfect square that you did a while ago.
We learned that you dont have to have equal sides to have a square. You could always have excess!

the leftovers are always decimals! so you count how many tiles you used for the perfect square and then you put the decimal in. In this case we have 4 equal sided tiles. Lets pretend that the leftovers are .16 so your answer would be 4.16.

after that we did another one. this time we used 7 tiles. so we did the same thing.

we tried find out if we could make a perfect square using the tiles, and we did.

We found out that we could make a perfect square by using 4 tiles. 2 by 2. and then we had 3 leftovers. we pretended that those were shattered to little pieces and add them to two sides

REMEMBER!! it doesnt go all the way around!

Mr. Harbeck gave us some questions to answer. this is also for homework.
we have to make an equation for all of the numbers 1 through 10. using the tiles.
First, you always have to think how many perfect squares you could possiblly have.
for example:

if you are using one tile. how many perfect square are there?
answer: ONE

if you are using two tiles. how many perfect square are there?

answer: ONE, it is One because if you put the two tiles together it wouldn't be a square. it would be a rectangle. So we do the same thing again. we imagine that the other tile is shattered to pieces and add them on the two sides of the perfect square.

here are the steps

#1.) find out how many tiles you could use to have a perfect square

#2.) put the leftover square on the aside

#3.) Imagine that the leftover tile is shattered to small pieces

#4.) add the shattered pieces to the two sides of the perfect square.


answers for 1 - 3
we only used 1 tile to make a perfect square throughout questions 1-3 but when you get to 4-8 we would use 4 tiles to make a perfect square because we could use 4 tiles and make a perfect square. 2 by 2's!

Equations 4-8

These are the equations from 4 to 8. we used 4 tiles to make a perfect square because the whole numbers on the side are both the same.

2 by 2 (sorry if i didnt put in the picture i forgot)

in the equations 9-10 we would use 9 tiles to make a perfect square because in nine we could make 3 by 3's.

Equations 9-10

to make the perfect square we used 9 tiles. it is perfect because the whole number on both sides are the same 3x3

We didnt learn how to get the decimal yet. I hope we'll cover that up tomorrow. and thats all that we did today. ^_^. DONT FORGET YOUR HOMEWORK! its up there ^^.

and then next scriibe is.. Jerica!

COMMENT IF SOMETHINGS WRONG! -_^ ill change it asap! thanks


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