Monday, November 06, 2006

jerica's blog (:

First thing we did was the test ..

Math Cumulative Test

1. Question,
Add som chips to cup 2 so that the probability of drawing a red chip out of cup 2 is greater than the probability of drawing a red chip out of cup 1?

you have to add 4 chips to cup 2, so the probability of getting a read is 4/7 which is 57.14. which is greater than 50.

Michael's math test scores are given below. Can Michael do well enough on the next to raise his average to an 80? Explain your reasoning. (Each test is worth 100 points)

60 85 70 75 80 370
--------------- = ----- = 74%
5 5

60 85 70 75 80 100 470
-------------------- = ---- = 78.3%( repeating)
6 6
Michael won't be able to raise his grade beacause even if he gets 100% on his next test he will only get 78.3%.

after the test ..

After the test we did more squares learing about the " afro's " and " mulet's "

After that we go an assignment about squares ..

We had to make all the possible squares up to 16. And draw them out on a piece of grid paper. Then glue it to another piece of paper. Then you put all the perfect square to the right and all the squares with " afro's " to the left.

That assignment is due today .. last period (:


michelle 8-16 said...

Good job Jerica!

You can make this post better by explaining how you got your answers on the test and by adding images. Try to explain how to make the squares with the "afros" and "mulets" as well.

Mr. H said...

Good post. It would be better with some illustrations!! You can always go back and edit.