Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Michelle's Scribe Post


I am the class scribe for the day. Today in class we started a new unit on perfect squares and square roots.

The first thing we had to do was draw as many rectangles as we could with the areas of 10, 16 and 36 on graph paper. To get the areas, you have to multiply the width by the height.
Here are all the possible rectangles that can be made with these areas:



The second thing we did was copy down definitions for factors and perfect squares.

-any two or more numbers that are multiplied to make a product




The 25 and 9 have one thing in common with the factors. Their factors are
multiplied by themselves. example 16: 4*4

Perfect Squares:
-a square that has the same whole number for all sides


The last thing we did was make charts on factors, exponents and areas from 1*1 to 30*30. The 2 on the exponents means squared or the number is multiplied by itself one time.


Here are the charts:


Answer the following question:
Which one of these numbers are a perfect square?
6, 8, 9 or 10. Justify your answers.
Prove using pictures, words and numbers.
Explain why or why not the number is a perfect square.

Answer: The number that is a perfect square is 9. This is because the only factors of 9 are 3*3.

Here are links to help you:

I choose.... Julie Rose to be the next scribe.


julie_rose said...

AWESOME Scribe Michelle! =D.

Mr. H said...

You continued to edit this and make it better. Great Scribe post and welcome to the Hall of Fame.

Mr. Harbeck

julie_rose said...

o0o0 hall of fame. ahah good job!

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awesome post (:

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good post :)

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