Monday, November 06, 2006

Scribe Notes for Monday, November 06 . 2006

We started off our class by getting our tests back . Mr H . then told us to correct our math corrections . If we had gotten 10 out of 10 , we had to rewrite 1 of the questions on the test on the back of our papers . You are still able to hand in your test corrections tomorrow .
After we had completed correcting our assignments we had time to complete our long sheets of paper and our perfect square chart . Examples are here ;



After we had done that . Mr H. had put some square roots up on the overhead and we tried to figure it out without using our calculator . He asked us for an estimation . What he had showed us was . ;
square root of /24 and /56
Mr.H had showed us how to use our perfect square chart to estimate the square root of a number . Say the number is 56 , and56 isnt a perfect square . So he told us to find the numbers that it is in between of . And those numbers are 49 and 64 . Since we dont know exactly what its in between . There is a question mark after the whole number . You always use the first whole number . In this case , it's seven/7 . The ?, resembles a decimal number in which we dont know yet . Then Mr.Harbeck gave us a number to find the square root of . The number was /110
answer ;
/100 / [ 110 ] / 121
10x10 10?x10? 11x11
After that . MrH. gave us our homework to write down from the overhead . The homework was ;
Estimate each square root using the perfect square chart .
/25 /89 /64 /225 /169 /784
/625 /49 /594 /121 /765 /429
/654 /6 /353 /852 /199 /841

A warehouse has an area of 2940 m2 . It is divided into 15 equal sections . Find the dimensions of each section .
The homework is due tomorrow . On tuesday . Math is second period in the afternoon . We also have a small quiz ! GOOD LUCK . AND GOOD BYE .


Mr. H said...

Good Scribe post. Enough with the user name though. Make it simple and readable. Thanks in advance...


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great posts and the pics are cool!