Thursday, November 09, 2006

Scribe Post

We started off our class by getting our quizzes back. Mr. H. then showed us how to get a square root as a fraction using a short cut. The short cut was . . .

After that, we had to make our corrections. After we made corrections we had another quiz.

Here are the questions and answers. . .

1)What is a square root ?
Click here to find the definition of a square root.

2)Estimate the square root of 31 using the perfect square chart. NO FRACTIONS !

3)Estimate the square root of 38 using fractions.

After the quiz, Mr. H put up three square root word problems. The questions are :

A) Surinam, in South America, is roughly shaped like a square. It covers an area of about 100 489 km². Find the length of each side of Surinam.

B) A warehouse has an area of 5808m². It is divided into 12 equal square sections. Find the dimensions of each section.

C) Estimate the following square roots using fractions.

*If you didn't finish these questions in class, it's HOMEWORK ! So don't FORGET to do them !*
&& the scribe for next class is . . . . KENDRA !
ohh yeah. there is a test on Monday ! thanks Mr. Harbeck of reminding me ! (:


Mr. H said...

This is an awesome post. I am sure glad you did the scribe today. It was like I was still in the class. Don't forget there is a test on Monday!!

Great Scribbing

Mr Harbeck

mark_iglesias9 said...

Great job on your post!

michelle 8-16 said...

great images!

'alyssaaa' said...

whoaa! ur scribe is wayy impressive! i like the pics u put and use ur good use of color. =D great job!

bruno said...

good scribe anna not bad