Monday, November 20, 2006

Scribe For November 20

Today we talked about fractions,percent,decimals and ratios.

These are the notes for fractions

These are the notes for decimals

These are the notes for Percentage

And here are the notes for ratios


1 Write definitions for the big sheet

2 Make picture examples

3 Tell how to convert

Next Scribe Is
Mark I


anna said...

Nice scribe, it could be better if you put links and tell how we figure it out.

Mr. H said...

Great Scribe. Good use of pictures to illustrate the points that were talked about in class. Thanks for all your hard work.


Mark I said...

Good post Levon! Hey i agree you should put links and someother stuff and you could be in the hall of fame.

Dan the Man said...

Good job Levon. Almost Hall of Fame worthy

Melvin841 said...

Nice scribe but I did not get the first note that described a fraction but still a good scribe

oranges said...

good scibe, it really explains things with the pics =)