Thursday, April 05, 2007

Charmaine and Julie's Wiki Project

This is our project. We put it up here because it wont embed in wiki so Mr. Harbeck told us to link it on our math blog. Anyways here's our project. Enjoy... =)

VIEW IT IN FULLSCREEN!! it looks better ahha

For more unprojects go to spfractions.


Sasha said...

Great job!
Sasha (Spresent Team)

Graham Wegner said...

This was amazing and a great resource for other students to use. I will be using this unproject as a great starting point for my Grade 5/6 students here in Adelaide, Australia when they start fractions next term. I have a feeling that your presentation will mean a lot more to them than my traditional teacher methods of teaching fractions. It's engaging, is self-paced and is a great way for students to help each other in their learning from one side of the world to the other.

Karen Janowski said...

Charmaine and Julie,
This is truly impressive! What an outstanding job you have done. You thought about your audience and demonstrated effective use of your tools!
As your teacher said, words can not describe how you took this assignment and ran with it.
I would love to have you teach me how you did this!!

charmaine . said...
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Mr. Kuropatwa said...


I left you a comment on your wiki but thought I'd leave one here as well.

I showed your project to my grade 12 math students who are also working on projects they will be publishing online. Your project was an inspiration for them. When the saw what you ladies in grade 8 have done they felt that "the bar had been raised" for them as well. I also wrote about it on my own blog. Your presentation is my favourite Un-Project.

More than that I'm really impressed with the tool you used to publish your work. I can't wait to use spresent myself. Thanks for that. ;-)


John Pearce said...

Fabulous work ladies, I love the use of Spresent, (an app I knew nothing about until I saw your work with it so there you are teaching the teachers now).

One thing though, that music sting is sooooo annoying :)

Mr P

John Pearce said...

Oh damn,

Forgot to say that like Graham, I am another Aussie so your fame is spreading far and wide, even to the colonies :)

Mr P

Adi said...
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