Monday, April 09, 2007

Marjo's B-O-B

1. Did you like the unproject ?- I guess i liked it, because we got to choose our own partners.
2. Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would? - Well .. Everyone knows that Michelle is very smart, And to be honest it was easy because, she made it way easy. But i would say that i kinda did work harder then i would? Because i actually missed volleyball practice for this unassignment.
3. What did you like best about the unproject? - I liked that we could choose what kind of project we could do, like making a game or making a cooking show.
4. What would you change about the next unproject? - I would change.. how i did the unproject. Like i would do a music video, or make a song instead of doing "Jeopardy"
5. Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project.- .. I guess nothing was really different, all i had to do was make pictures and type in definitions.

Reflection thingy:
In this unit we learned about different kinds of fractions. We learned how to multiply, divide, add and subtract fractions. We also learned how to get the Lowest Common Denominator. We learned about the different types of fractions, proper, improper, and mixed. To be honest, i am still struggling on how to add, divide, and subtract. Yes, that's mostly everything. But its like i know everything, then when i see a test or Mr.H asks me a question, i just completely forget everything. My struggles in math show in my quizzes, practice tests and in tests. Right now, i still don't know how to do it. But i know that i could learn it sooner or later.

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