Monday, April 09, 2007

Nick's bob

This whole fraction unit I did not get things that I did not get was adding,subtracting,multiply and divison. I would get the first half but then getting to the end of the question. so I was confused but getting to the end of the unit.I got how to do subtractin,adding the multiply and divison i really did not get and i still dont get it. So the unproject was ok but then it got me worried beacuse i did not know what i got it was a huge mark 50 % but 5 extra marks for the bob


1 the unproject was fun beacuse you got to make your own game and so much time for this unproject there were so many diffrent games to choose from.

2 for this question yes i did work harder

3 this question is easy the most funnest part is making the game

4 this question will be weired but have more months to make a video game

5 it helped me unnderstand some of the question in the purple book

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