Monday, April 09, 2007

charmaine's bob

This unit was all about fractions. Lessons weren't really difficult. In the beginning, things were quite easy but as the unit went on .. it got so confusing. Like when Mr.Harbeck was explaining how to divide fractions, I didnt get it. As well subtracting mixed fractions when the first fraction (numerator) is smaller than the other one. You always have to borrow. But when Mr.H gave more examples, i started learning some shortcuts and techniques on how to do it. I think I did bad on my quizzes. But no worries, I know how to do them all now :)

questions 1-5 . . .
oing the UN-Project was fun. All of us had a chance to work with partners. My partner was Julie, we planned things before spring break. We did a background informaion to get us started. Then, gave ideas to add to our topic so that we could explain it well. Julie and Myself are really glad that we finished the project, and it came out really good. The un-project was interesting. It did take alot of time to work on it. We had to edit, add and give ideas everytime. It wasnt that hard because I knew alot of stuff about our topic "What's Fractions ?". I liked what Julie and I did. We did a presentation using the spresent application. It was very interesting and we came with lots of ideas and put it all together. If we had to do an un-project again, I would change the topics and like post something up in blogger. I learned more because it was really fun un-project unlike those boring ones.