Monday, April 09, 2007

Levinia's Bob 2007 04 09

The fraction unit was about proper, improper, mixed and equivalent fractions. We also learned how to find the lowest common denominator, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. This unit was okay for me because I understood almost every little thing at the end. When I couldn't understand something, I would ask someone who knows better. I find that word problems are more complicated. Eventhough the numbers are there already, you're not sure if you need to add, subtract etc. After understanding the questions: if they are looking for parts of something or groups it will be easy to answer.


1) Did you like the unproject?
Yes, I liked the unproject because I learned more and I got more creative using my head.

2) Did the unproject make you work harder than you usually would?
Yes, the unproject made me work harder than I usually would because not only we get huge mark on it. We also get better on doing fractions.

3) What did you like best about the unproject?
The part I liked best about the unproject is making the game slide. =D

4) What would you change about the next unproject?
If I were to keep the same topic (game) I would make it better by being more creative (a.k.a. WAY BEYOND the level). If I get to change I would make a video or a song on the next unproject.

5) Did the unproject make you learn more because you were doing a different type of project?
Yes, the unproject made me learn more because I was doing a different type of a project. I also learned more about using tools on wiki/blog.

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