Saturday, April 14, 2007

2007 04 12 Scribe!

On Thursday we worked on the white piece of paper that we got the day before. First we started the top left corner of the page. We also wrote the definitions for variable, expression and equation.

Here are the answers:

-decreased means the number comes first
-less than means the number is last

  • A letter or symbol representing a quantity (number)
  • n+3 > or a number plus 3
  • n= the variable

  • x+6
  • an expression is a pattern
  • there is more that 1 possible answer
  • n+6 is an expression

  • x+6= 8
  • n+6 =10
  • an equation has only 1 answer
  • there is an = sign


sabrina said...

neat graphics... do you mind sharing where you got them from? :D

Anonymous said...
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